Need To Know - the t-shirt years

T-shirt exhibition open 11am-7pm Tue-Sat from 4th-31st October 2003
Access Space, 1 Sidney St, Sheffield S1 4RG
Admission: free.

For almost 3 years, sarcastic UK technology newsletter Need To Know and its readers have gazed fearlessly into the abyss of dot-com disappointment - and drawn upon these harrowing experiences to create a range of best-selling t-shirts! Now, for the first time ever, we are proud to present a design retrospective of NTK - the t-shirt years, running at Sheffield's pioneering Access Space PC-recycling workshop and gallery from Friday October 3rd until the end of the month.

Ranging from classics like I got 80million in venture capital for my .com idea and all I have left is this lousy t-shirt to 404 /shirt/tie not found, this is a unique and wryly amusing history of the dot-com era, in a range of colours and sizes from Medium to XXL. But that's not all - the exhibition also includes:

  • A chance to view rare and hard-to-get collector's items, like the red "Adminspotting" or glow in the dark "Elite".
  • The opportunity to purchase the works themselves - at amazing knock-down prices! (Visitors are requested not try on exhibits without first seeking permission from the gallery staff.)
  • An informative and educational "designer's commentary" explaining the stories behind each one.
  • What's more, NTK's online store is the only one of its kind to pay its designers a royalty on every shirt they sell, thus helping to support the up-and-coming talent which thrives outside the traditional "fashion establishment". Access Space, meanwhile, is the UK's first free media lab, using recycled PCs and free Linux software to build an advanced multiuser network that anyone can use.

    The exhibition runs from 11am-7pm Tue-Sat from 4th-31st October 2003, at Access Space, 1 Sidney St, Sheffield S1 4RG, with a special open-to-anyone-who-turns-up Gala opening (with wine, nibbles, and possibly some form of classical music) from 5.30-8pm on Friday October 3rd. Drop by if you can!

    404 Not Found T-shirt80 Million T-shirtAdminspotting T-shirtElite T-shirt If I Had A Life... T-shirt Lamers T-shirtRetro Games T-shirtRevolution T-shirt Ungood T-shirtViral Marketing T-shirt - the revolution will be commodified!

    Access Space - street level electronic media